About Me

I am a girl from Austin, Texas. I live life with passion and love, compose and accomplish goals without limit, and persevere in the attainment of my dreams.AboutMeCircle

I am American, yes, but I was raised by the world. My family originates from Cuba, Suriname, and the Netherlands. Lucky for me, they worked hard to come to the United States and make their dreams happen. So here I am. Thank you!

My profession is modeling, however, like you, I do so much more! I love to cook (key to survival), wake surf, jump rope, dance (especially Latin), jam on the guitar, sing, stand up paddle board, write, and most importantly, be around people I love. My mantra is “Growing as a person is an infinite process that will never cease to mold me.” So it’s safe to say I love trying new things.

People are always curious about the story of how I became “discovered.” After graduating from the Austin School for the Performing and Visual Arts, I was on my way to the University of Texas in Austin. I loved school! The day after graduation, I travelled to Amsterdam to visit relatives. I was encouraged to participate in a model search where I would meet with the top agencies in Europe. I was overwhelmed by the positive response and signed with one of the top agencies in Paris and BOOM! My life plans changed. I deferred enrollment to school and moved to Paris. I have worked and lived in New York, Milan, Miami, Singapore, and New Zealand. I am grateful to have travelled and worked for companies like Nike, Tory Burch, Under Armour, L’Oreal Paris, Neiman Marcus, SHAPE, SELF, VOGUE, Stella McCartney, Oscar de la Renta, and Bendon Lingerie.

By no means were any of these opportunities just given to me. I have lived in several countries where I didn’t speak the language, my house quite literally fit into a 50-pound suitcase, I’ve been lost several times or more (curse my poor sense of direction,) and I’ve had to overcome many rejections. Hard work pays off, y’all, and life is beautiful.

I am signed with Wilhelmina New York, where I currently live with my husband.

We create our future and continue to travel and grow. I hope to see you along my journey.